The Lycian Way

Here you will find the most beautiful hiking parts, which can be well combined with a Blue Cruise:

A detailed description of these tours can be found par example in the travel guide of Michael Müller Verlag (Turkey – Lycian coast, Antalya to Dalyan), in the travel guide by Kate Clow (The Lycian Way) or in other guidebooks for the Lycian Way. Some of the proposed tours are not part of the Lycian Way, but highly recommended.

Walk around the eternal flame (Çirali)

Start: Çirali
Description: Mostly easy walking paths, after long and heavy rains sometimes not accessible.
Distance: ca. 18 km
Time to walk: 
ca. 5 1/2 hours
Important to know: The area around the eternal flames will cost an entrance fee.

From Çirali to Adrasan

Start: Çirali
Finish: Adrasan
Description: Good to walk, a path through the woods of the Musa Dagi with beautiful views.
Distance: ca. 13 km
Time to walk: ca. 7 1/2 bis 8  hours
Important to know: Ascents and descents approximately about 740 hm.

Walk from Adrasan into the Bay of Sazak

Start: Adrasan
Bay of Sasak if you like pick up by boat or you walk back to Adrasan
Description: Easy walk through beautiful and shaded forest paths .
Distance: ca. 9,5 km (pick up in the Bay of Sasakt)
Time to walk: ca. 2 1/4  hours

From Adrasan to Karaöz

Start: Adrasan
Description: Beautiful part of the Lycian Way along the coast with spectacular views.
Attention: Be aware: long section, a good condition is needed and the rocky path requires sure- footedness.
Distance: ca. 20 km
Time to walk: ca. 9  hours
Important to know: Ascents and descents approximately 390 hm good walking shoes are mandatory at this stage.

From Kale (Demre harbor) to Üçağız

Start: Kale
Finish: Üçağız
Description: A little windy track with a few meters above sea level along the beautiful Bay of Kekova.
Distance: ca. 23 km
Time to walk: ca. 7 hours
Important to know: The fishing village of Simena is worth a visit. If you like the boat to wait for you in Simena it’s possible.

From Üçağız to the ruins of Aperlai

Start: Üçağız
Finish: Aperlai
Description: Beautiful coastal walk without great differences in altitude and without shadow, you should be sure-footed in some places.
Distance: ca. 7,5 km
Time to walk: ca. 3 hours
Important to know: You can extend the tour climbing up to Appolonia and down again.

From Kaş to Limanağzı and back

Start: Kaş
Kaş (alternativ: Limanağzı)
Description: Easy but wonderful tour, but you should be sure-footed and wear good hiking boots because there are some rocky parts in it.
Distance: ca. 9,5 km
Time to walk: ca. 3 3/4 hours
Important to know:
The boat you can pick up or drop you in Limanagzi Bay.

From Kalkan to the village Bezirga

Start: Sanıçbaşı
Description: Beautiful hike with magnificent landscape impressions.
Distance: ca. 12 km
Time to walk: ca. 4 hours
Important to know:
You need to take a taxi to get to start and exit point. The transfer has to be organized by yourself. We are happy to help.

From Kalkan (Kalamar) to Patara and back

Start: Kalkan
Finish: Kalkan
Description: Beautiful stage with lonely bays, some slippery and thorny parts, good footwear is necessary.
Distance: ca. 20 km
Time to walk
: ca. 6 hours
Important to know: If the distance is too far to walk, you can take the dolmuş back.

From Kayaköy to Ölüdeniz

Start: Kayaköy
Finish: Ölüdeniz
Description: Walk on shady paths with stunning views of the coastline.
Distance: ca.  6,5 km
Time to walk: ca. 2 hours
Important to know: There is the option to start your hike in Ölüdeniz and end in Fethiye (approximately 15 km to walk, walking time 5 1/2 hours). However, the Blue Lagoon offers you great opportunities for swimming or snorkeling. So decide yourself what you like to do.

Compilation of the tour

Choose the parts you like to hike. Then we consider how to combine your wishes with a blue cruise best. Of course we have to consider where the boat can take on board or settle you best.