Our Boat

Aboard a typical gulet

The Andrıake is a gulet, a pot-bellied motor brig. These boats are typical for the Turkish coast and have been used in ancient times to trade in precious goods along the coast. Today the cozy gulets transport valuable goods of a different kind: interested travelers on their Blue Cruises along the beautiful Turkish coastline.


The Andrıake offers you

  • Place for max. 16 people
  • 2 single and 7 double cabins with integrated shower and toilet
  • Sundeck with comfortable options to relax
  • Large dining table with bench under the awning
  • Lounge below the deck
  • Small selection of snorkel and flippers

Life on board

  • Your shoes have to be taken off on board.
  • Cabins and below deck are non- smoking areas.
  • Only the captain or the crew are allowed to clim into the rigging.
    Otherwise you might be too late for dinner. ?

Safety on board

To help you feel save on board


  • you find life jackets in each cabin and
  • fire blankets and fire extinguishers on board.

If you like, request for further details.